Moving Average Bands


This is an very simple Indicator but very powerful in identifying trend reversal.The calculation of moving Average bands consist of defining the range of bars and the multiplier we use.

-To find range of n bars we used the values of moving average high and low values of n bars.

-Then we used individual multiplier for individual bands.

-The multiplier we defining can be based on your style say for example some needs moving average fibonacci bands or dynamic fibonacci bands they can set the multiplier as follows 3.82,5,6.18 etc.

Along with this, we included alerts for every bands. When price reaches the upper or lower band our indicator alerts with currency pair and band details.

We can customize

*Moving average period

*Moving average type

*Moving average price

*Multiplier for A,B,C Bands

*Alert sensitivity based on pips

Its is an non-repainting Indicator,so you can add this cool indicator in your manual Trading setup,and we have provided output buffer for Automating it.

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