What Astra Resources PLC Says about the Stock Exchange?

What Astra Resources PLC Says about the Stock Exchange?

The London Stock Exchange is situated in Paternoster Square, in the heart of London. Currently owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, it was founded in 1801. The London Stock Exchange has grown into the fourth largest stock exchange in the world and the largest in all of Europe. It currently has a market capitalization of over $ 3.2 trillion dollars.

The London Stock Exchange has a long and rich history. It was founded as the Royal Exchange in 1571 by Thomas Gresham and was officially christened by Queen Elizabeth the first. It quickly grew and by 1853 it had grown faster than extensions could be built and required a completely separate building. The exchange moved into its current location in 2004 and, when it merged with Borsa Italiana, became known as the London Stock Exchange Group.

The current activities of the stock exchange are greatly varied. The London Stock Exchange runs several markets and has attracted over 200 companies. The largest companies are eligible for the Premium listed main market which currently holds the record for the largest initial public offering at 10 billion made by Glencore International. It recently opened an office in Hong Kong, giving it new access to Asia’s rapidly growing market. In addition to its larger, main markets, the London Stock Exchange offers several smaller markets such as bonds and global depositary receipts. These small markets are traded on various different exchanges including several electronic servers that allow for the exchange to truly be global. Another feature of the exchange is that it supplies participants with accurate real time prices and trading data. This provides an untold level of transparency and liquidity unavailable on several of the other world’s largest markets.

The stock exchange is unique in the world market for its use of Linux based software. After bugs forced the exchange away from the Microsoft based platform, the London Stock Exchange took a leap forward and has been rewarded with record speed and stable trading. This has allowed the exchange to compete and even fight back against other dominant markets.

The London Stock exchange is perhaps the most prestigious market in the world. With its long and storied history, the exchange continues to be on the forefront of new technological advances and providing its members and traders with unparalleled speed and data. This has allowed the exchange to maintain is competitive nature and progress forward into the future as trading becomes faster and more available to the rest of the world.

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