Myths And Facts: Stock Investing

Myths And Facts: Stock Investing

There are many myths in the stock investing market that are considered fact, and many facts that are labeled as myths. These can cause confusion for new investors who are looking for a few basics to help them get started.

Myth: Get Rich Quick

While there are many investors who make incredible amounts of money in a short time, it is important to remember that they also lose money quickly. Very few people ever ‘get rich quick. In fact, the ideal that you can ‘get rich’ at all is a myth. Very few people generate wealth by using the stock market.

Fact: The stock market can help people build a nest egg, save for retirement, and enjoy a better lifestyle. Most people do not have enough money to take advantage of a ‘hot stock.’ Even if a stock does double in a year, most investors lack the funds to create true wealth or enter the ranks of the millionaire crowd. If you invest $ 1000, you only make $ 1000. The stock did well, but the investor lacked the capital to make a fortune.

This makes the stock market a poor choice for someone who wants to invest money so they have extra to pay down debts, or cover their monthly bills.

Myth: Knowledge Reduces Risk

Many people believe that taking a weekend long $ 2000 workshop turns them into instant stock experts. This is not true. There are several strategies that work in the stock market investing arena, but knowledge does not lower risk.

It is a fact that knowledge is vital to stock market investing success. It may help the investor avoid common traps, or being the victim of a scam. It may help them make wiser choices and give them a set of guidelines to help them research a stock, and buy/sell at the right time. But, it will not take all the risk out of investing.

Myth: Follow the Experts

There are many experts teaching workshops, and on the Internet. These experts make picks and predictions all the time. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are wrong. They may be worth listening too, but following another person’s advice leaves the investor following the crowd.

It is a fact that most investors already have an area they are familiar with, either through work, or local businesses. This area often gives them insight into the industry and the politics involved. This foundation can help an investor slowly become an expert on that particular industry. Someone whose family worked in the steel industry for three generations will be able to read between the lines and separate the fact from the PR and propaganda. They can read the cover ups of the CEO and understand that something is wrong. Or, they may see something the CEO hints at which others did not pick up.

Myth: Weekend Investors Can Make it Big

There are many who promise that investing is easy, just follow their A-B-C plan to success. If that was so, Warren Buffett would be out of a job. Investing takes time and skill. It is a field where a small investor can increase their wealth. There will be setbacks, some will rock the investors’ confidence to the core.

The fact that investing is a hobby for many does not mean that it is fun and entertaining. The investment world is dominated by investment banks that make the big deals, float companies, and deal in multiple currencies and commodities. They invest in the brightest MBA minds and prepare to make incredible profits – this is not a game to them.

If you too want to be successful, than consider your investment portfolio as a business. Do not follow the myths and trends. Do your work, invest in yourself, and prepare to make money.

Mark Walters is a third generation entrepreneur and author. He offers free training and investing videos designed to speed you towards financial independence at

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