Direct Filings and Taking Your Company Public. Go From OTCBB to NASDAQ

Direct Filings and Taking Your Company Public. Go From OTCBB to NASDAQ

The Pink Sheets aren’t even an option, what were you thinking. There are only a few companies outside of broker dealers that actually have the ability, expertise and contacts to take a company public and have it make, as opposed to break the company. Timing is everything with an IPO and just like with comedy, get that timing wrong and you’ve blown your chances at a crowd pleasing exit.

Unbelievably some companies try to go through this process on their own. The CEO or CFO will convince a nave board of directors that they’ve taken companies public before, the board of directors approves the process and before you know it the company is in the S1 stage and stuck and everything stops. Just now the company blew their chances of creating a powerful market position and they are demonstrating their vulnerabilities to their competitors who sit like gargoyles waiting to pounce on them when they are at their weakest points.

Think about aggressive buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and other involuntary exit strategies by companies taking desperate measures. Of course for the NASDAQ and NYSE you can go to the large Wall Street broker dealers to take your company through the process but what if you’re part of the other 99% of companies wanting to go public who don’t qualify to go public on these two exchanges?

Then, if you expect to eventually qualify you’ll need to go public on the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin board). The one and only firm that can facilitate this process quickly and without a hitch is the one and only Princeton Corporate Solutions with the master James Scott at the helm. This boutique firm in Philadelphia, PA is the be all and end all in IPO facilitation on the OTCBB. You can use other firms but why would you?

With the track record that this firm has why would you even consider using another outlet to take you through the process? Don’t kid yourself! You need consultants that do this day in and day out or you risk losing your company position and even your company. Stick with the experts on your offering, the life of your company could be depending on it.

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