Basic Facts to Know On the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Basic Facts to Know On the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Most of the coin collectors and successful gold investors deem that it is sensible to invest in Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins as they are far more than just an asset. It is lucrative gold investment that you physically hold rather than non-tangible investments like gold stocks, ETF’s and gold certificates. These gold coins are popular in the world for their beauty, purity and refinement. Further, its impeccable quality is due to the standards mandated by the Royal Canadian mint. Apart from quality, the Canadian government guarantees its purity and weight, which make them highly liquid and can be sold or bought in any part of the world where precious metals trading is feasible. Because of these two reasons this gold coins entice investors throughout the world and are relatively give more preference. From the time of their release in the year 1979 as a pure 24k gold coins and as an alternative option for 22k South African Krugerrand, these coins are considered as standard of quality. They were the only 1 troy ounce gold bullion coins accessible at that time but now they are available in various denominations of troy ounces.

How to identify the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins?

For novice coin collectors or investor it is important to know how they look, there are numerous gold coin resources online. For instant they can browse this gold website – for more details. However, here is brief description of these beautiful gold coins for the convenience of investors: The gold Maple Leaf coins depict figure of Queen Elizabeth along with the coin’s denomination and issued date. While the face of the coin features the nation symbol of Canada, which is a maple leaf and the coin’s name is also derived from it. The name of the country and the purity level of the coin are other things you can observer on the coin.

How many different sizes are available?

The Canadian Maple Leaf is available in various fractional sizes including 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 troy ounces. They are suitable for every budget and needs of the investors. In addition some interesting variants are also seen in this gold coin such as the 1 ounce classic pure gold maple leaf coin and the 100kg gold bullion coin. These coins created world record for their purity and have high face value and whopping price. The highlight is their purity that is .9999 and no other coin is holding this much or higher purity than them. In addition to these coins, the Royal Canadian Mint issues limited edition or special edition maple leaf coins that are highly sought and hold certain collectible value. Refer some website about gold and silver to know more information.

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