A Trading Software that combines Forex, Futures and Stocks Trading into One System

A Trading Software that combines Forex, Futures and Stocks Trading into One System

If you are looking for a proven automated trading system that would guide and perform stock and Forex trading, Gecko Software would be an ideal option to consider. Gecko Software has been creating software for trading stocks and Forex, since 1998 and has proven to be extremely dependable and robust in terms of supporting the ever increasing customer base.

Trading platform

Gecko Software has designed software for trading in a variety of financial instruments including stocks, futures, Forex and commodities. They have separate trading systems for transacting with different instruments.

Track ‘N Trade (TNT)

This is the ultimate robot trading system (GeckoSoftware.com) that has separate systems for trading in stocks, futures and Forex markets. The different trading systems of Track ‘n Trade are explained below.

1. TNT Stocks

This is the stock trading component that helps you to choose stocks based on the research data available. You can do your own allocation of your IRA funds using the tips and tricks provided by this software. TTNT Stocks come with an inbuilt charting system that provide separate charts for day trades and long term trades in the form of day charts and long term charts. This software comes in built with a number of stock market technical indicators such as Directional Movement Index, Volume, Historic Volatility, Moving Averages, Moving Averages Convergence and divergence, Momentum and Bollinger Bands.

2. TNT Live Futures

This is the Futures trading software component of Track ‘N Trade and helps you to invest in a wide variety of commodities including Crude Oil, Gold and Live Stock. The software comes with easy to use interface with features such as drag and drop order placements and fast order Execution buttons. Future traders can involve in entry, exit and one cancels other (OCO) transactions using the interface. The software comes with easy to ready indicators that would help you to take informed buying and selling decisions. The up arrows usually indicate the buying phase and the down arrows usually indicate the selling phase. This future trading component also comes with the ability to involve in live option trading. The charts available in the software can be customized to include colors, shades, styles and indicator formulas.

3. TNT Live Forex

This Forex trading component helps you to start performing real time Forex trading with a one time investment of $ 1000. There is no monthly fess involved. The software comes with unique features such as on chart drag and drop order placement, access to world wide Forex markets, access to fast order execution buttons and comes in built with real time charting tools. Using the indicators available, this software would help you to create a Forex trading strategy. Before actually using the strategy in live trading, you can use the historical data available and see whether any changes need to be made to the devised strategy. You can make automated data settings and convert your computer in to an automated robot trading system in the Forex market. The software comes with the provision to save all the charts that has been created on a given day. When starting the next day trading, instead of starting with new charts, you can open the saved charts. This would save you enormous amount of time.

Lan Turner is the CEO of Gecko Software, Inc., and chief design architect of the line of Track ‘n Trade LIVE trading platforms, and charting software applications. He’s an accomplished author, publisher, and public speaker, having taught live trading seminars across the US, as well as internationally. Gecko Software’s flagship product line, Track ‘n Trade, has won Stocks & Commodities Annual Readers Choice Award six times. Gecko Software is a leading software developer, having been recognized as one of the top 25 software developers in our industry. Gecko’s most recent addition to their line of products is their famed Autopilot trading system, which is a robotic trading tool that automatically, or “robotically” executes and manages your trades for you; this is all done using an artificial intelligent Plug-in, and request a zero level of programming knowledge from the user. Gecko Software is also the creators of the line of products known as TradeMiner; tools designed to help traders identify historically accurate cycles and trends from any given market. Visit the website http://www.GeckoSoftware.com to know more about Mr. Turner and his software.

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